Dealing With A Boss That Causes You Embarrassment

Does your boss make embarrassing remarks about your looks in front of your coworkers? If you are now paranoid that everyone is staring at you when you are working each day, you might want to take action to resolve the problem. If you don't want to quit your job to get out of the negative environment, filing legal charges against your boss might be the best way to handle the situation. However, there are things that you might want to attempt before taking the case to court. Below, you will find out what can possibly be done to put an end to the stress that your boss is causing you to endure.

Speak to Your Boss About Your Concerns

The first thing that you should attempt is resolving the problem by speaking to your boss about how he or she makes you feel. Make an appointment to speak with him or her before or after your workday. Tell your boss how the remarks are affecting your life, such as by causing you to lose sleep or dread coming to work. If there is any tension during the meeting, such as if your boss is behaving in a sarcastic manner, cut the conversation short. If you can clearly see that your boss does not intend to change his or her ways, it is important to speak to someone that can resolve the problem.

Get in Touch with the General Manager at Your Job

If the meeting with your boss is unsuccessful, contact the general manager of the company that you work for. Basically, a general manager is usually in charge of the store manager, which is likely the position that your boss has. After explaining the behavior of your boss, the general manager will likely want to investigate the situation to make sure your claim is true. For example, he or she might secretly observe how your boss treats you for a while. If there are no disciplinary actions taken against your boss in the end, you should consider taking the situation to court. 

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Your Boss

The embarrassment that your boss has caused can be considered as a mental injury by law. Consult with a lawyer to find out if you have a good personal injury case that might get you compensated. After you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, it is possible that your boss will get fired. Your lawyer can speak to the general manager to explain why you want to be compensated and why it is wise for disciplinary actions to be taken against your boss. The extent of services that a lawyer can provide will depend on how the situation has affected your life, such as if you are now seeing a counselor on a regular basis for your mental health.