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Six Pitfalls To Avoid When Registering Your Vehicle In Ontario

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If you are in the market for a new car and you purchase it from a dealer, they will probably take care of everything that needs to be completed for its registration. This will not be the case if you purchase a used vehicle. You will be responsible for ensuring that all of the details are completed before you can legally drive on the roads. Being on the lookout for these pitfalls, can help to make the process stress free. Pitfall #1:  Not Registering Your Vehicle In Time When you purchase a vehicle, you only have six days from the date of...

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Open Wide: Elder Dental Abuse Is A Growing Problem

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As the adult child of an aging parent, are you looking on with concern as another family member has full influence over your parent’s care? Maybe it is a step-parent or your parent’s friend who is responsible for managing medical care and finances. Your parent seems to trust this person, yet there is something you can’t quite put your finger on that doesn’t appear right. Unfortunately, it is often the caretaker closest to an elderly person who is the perpetrator of abuse. If you suspect your loved one is being...

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Mediation: What It Is And When (Or When Not) To Use It

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An alternative to litigation in the criminal justice system has taken root in Canada. Mediation provides participants with a process for solving disputes in a wide variety of situations; currently, several provinces have a statutorily-defined process for mediation. Mediation has grown in popularity over the years, and now is even required in some instances before a lawsuit can reach the courts. Below is more information on mediation, as well as when and when not to use it: What is mediation? Mediation is a non-judicial process of resolving...

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Is Assault A Criminal Or Civil Complaint?

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If someone assaults you, the first thing you do is call the police, but should you call a lawyer too? Assault and battery is most definitely a criminal offense, explains the University of California. It is against the law to act violently against a person or property. In some states, like California, it is also a civil rights violation. The key is to know when a lawsuit of this type has a chance of success in civil court. What is Assault? The legal system defines assault as an intentional act designed to cause fear, according to Nolo. Just...

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Getting Reimbursed For Housekeeping Under An ICBC Claim

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Are you a homemaker who has been injured in an automobile accident? Have your injuries made it difficult to perform your daily house chores? If so, under part 7 of your accident benefits, ICBC may be required to reimburse you up to $145 a week so that you may hire a housekeeper to assist you. In order to win these benefits, though, there are a few very important dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of.  Do Pursue Your Benefits If you’re unsure of whether or not you qualify for housekeeping benefits, it’s best to go...

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The Online Future Of Canadian Family Law

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Navigating the legal system can sometimes seem like an unnecessary hassle, especially if you are deciding legal matters after an amicable separation between you and your spouse. Between court dates, a large number of forms to choose from and fill out correctly, and language that is not commonly used in modern Canada it can seem like the only way to navigate the legal system is with the help of a well-trained divorce lawyer. However, Canada is trying to make the entire legal process more accessible to those who have lower incomes and little to...

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Spinal Cord Injuries: How To Get The Compensation You Deserve From ICBC

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By 2012, there were over 24 million licensed Canadian drivers on the road. With roads getting busier and more hectic, the amount of motor vehicle accidents that occur have also been climbing as well. Due to the angle of the collision and the force of the impact, many car accidents result in partial or total spinal cord injuries that may be either permanent or temporary. Getting the compensation that you deserve from ICBC claims may be difficult. Hiring an injury lawyer to represent you can help simplify all of the legal proceedings...

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Familial Responsibility And Divorce: What To Expect When Leaving A Dependent Spouse

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Sometimes, divorce is the result of unexpected trauma in a marriage–often from outside sources. You may find yourself caring for a spouse that is physically, mentally, or emotionally dependent on you. Eventually, this uneven yoke takes its toll and the marriage disintegrates; you may no longer wish to be in a situation where your spouse is fully dependent on you for personal support. While you can seek divorce, you should be hesitant to make any drastic changes in your life before speaking with an expert in family law, lest you act...

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When Can You Sue Your Fertility Doctor For Malpractice?

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If you and your spouse are struggling with fertility issues while wishing for a child of your own, you’re not alone — it’s estimated that more than 16 percent of Canadian couples have some type of diagnosed infertility. With recent advances in reproductive technology, your desire for a biological child may be within reach. However, these technologies often come hand-in-hand with potential medical complications; and recently, several fertility physicians have come under fire for engaging in what some would call unethical...

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Understanding Legal Requirements For Immigrants: Four Vital Points You Must Understand

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If you plan to immigrate to Canada, you already know that the legal system can be somewhat tricky to navigate. Fortunately, having a good immigration lawyer on hand is a very good way to alleviate some of this stress. While your lawyer will remain an invaluable tool throughout the process, it’s important for you to understand what’s expected of you once you arrive. Read on to ensure that you are prepared with the right knowledge to start your new life in the Great White North. Seeking Health Insurance Canada has national health...

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