Some Things You Need To Know About Filing A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Many people experience sexual harassment in the workplace and because of it are either uncomfortable at work, or have to switch jobs because it is so bad. If you are in this position, you need to take action and file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the person who is harassing you. However, you cannot just file a lawsuit without the proper grievances. Here are some questions to ask to know if you have a legitimate sexual harassment lawsuit.

Are The Advances Unwanted?

There is bound to be some kind of sexual tension in the workplace, especially when people are working in close proximity everyday. If someone is making sexual advances at you, is making comments about your body, or doing sexual suggestive things toward you, you need to make sure that they know that it is unwanted. If you are flirting with the person and making it seem as though you enjoy the advances, you cannot file for sexual harassment. Instead, you have to let them know that you do not appreciate their sexual advances--either by writing them a note or asking them verbally. 

If after you make it clear that you do not feel comfortable and do not want their attention they still continue to push, then you would have a sexual harassment case.

How Severe Were The Passes?

Another thing that you need to consider is how inappropriate and severe was the behavior. If someone tried to rape you, or assaulted you, then you definitely have a case against them. This only needs to happen once to merit a claim, and there could be criminal charges against them as well.

However, most cases are less severe. Someone might make an isolated comment about your body, look you up and down, or ask you on a date. If the behavior that made you uncomfortable was isolated and doesn't happen often, or if is stopped immediately after you asked them to, than you don't have a sexual harassment case. In order to have a legitimate case you need the behavior to be either very severe, or you need it to be continually inappropriate.

Has It Made The Workplace Unbearable?

If the behavior has become so bad that you are unable to be in the workplace, or are considering quitting, or have been fired, you might have a case for sexual harassment. Once the environment becomes hostile because of persons actions towards you, you have a good case against them.

By understanding these things you can determine if you have a legitimate sexual harassment lawsuit. For more information, talk with a lawyer such as Davis George Mook.