Working Out The Custody Arrangements For Your Divorce? 3 Steps For Successful Shared Custody

Divorce is never easy. It becomes even more complicated when children are involved. If you're in the middle of a divorce, and you have children, you want what's best for them. That can be difficult when you're dealing with your own feelings of pain and frustration. When it comes to custody arrangements, it's important to make sure that your children are given the opportunity to maintain a loving relationship with both parents. If you and your ex are trying to work out custody arrangements right now, you might want to consider shared custody – which allows children to spend equal time with both parents. Here are three steps you can take to ensure a successful shared custody arrangement for your kids.

Accept Your Ex's Parenting Style

When it comes to shared custody, one of the most important things you can do is accept you and your ex might not share the same parenting style. The fact is, you and your ex may have very different parenting styles. However, that doesn't mean that either style is wrong; it just means they're different. If you and your ex are going to have a successful shared custody arrangement, it's important that you don't interfere with their parenting.

Agree on a Schedule and Stick with it

Kids need to have routines in their lives. If you and your ex will be sharing custody of your kids, you'll need to sit down and create a schedule that you can both live with. Once you have a schedule in place, it's important that you stick with it. When planning your schedule, you should also include activities that will involve both parents, such as school functions, or extracurricular activities.

Avoid Interfering During Your Ex's Time

After a divorce, it can be difficult to spend time away from your kids. You may be tempted to call the other parent to see how your kids are doing. However, that's not something you should do. While your kids are with the other parent, they should be given the opportunity to have uninterrupted time with their mom or dad. If you and your ex have made arrangements for the kids to have phone calls during the other parent's time, make sure you stick to the pre-determined times to make contact.

If you and your ex are working on custody arrangements, and you've decided to give shared custody a try, the tips provided here will help you avoid problems. If you have questions or concerns, be sure to talk to firms like Begley Carlin & Mandio LLP.