Resolving Disputes Over Child Vaccines After A Divorce

One of the most difficult parts about sharing custody is figuring out how to co-parent. Decisions about parenting may even be one of the reasons why your relationship ended up on the rocks in the first place. One issue you may grapple with is whether or not you should vaccinate your kids.

Why Vaccines? 

Vaccines have been a controversial topic ever since a now discredited study was released on vaccines linking them to autism. The majority of Americans support the use of vaccines, but there are some who are still concerned about the effects that vaccines might have on their children. 

Try To Persuade Your Ex-Spouse

Because there is a considerable amount of evidence that supports the benefits of using vaccines and the lack of harmful side effects, it is a good idea to discuss the evidence supporting the use of vaccines with your ex. Fortunately, you can negotiate a parenting plan and this can be used to make sure that your ex-spouse vaccinates your children.

Rely On A Parenting Plan

The parenting plan is created by the parents of a minor child. This plan is a discussion of the child's education and healthcare. The plan must include a time-sharing schedule. This schedule determines who will see the child at different times of the day. For example, it will determine who will see the child on nights and weekends. In some cases, the court determines the time schedule. In other cases, when the parents determine the time-sharing schedule, it must be approved of by the court. 

The Issues Covered In A Parenting Plan

The best interests of the child must be the main consideration when determining this plan, not the interests of the parents. The specific issues that must be addressed by the parental agreement include who will be responsible for healthcare and school-related matters and the methods and technologies that will be used for parents to communicate with each other and with their children

If the parent refuses to vaccinate his or her children and is obligated to under the parenting plan, he or she is at risk of being held in contempt of court. Under these circumstances, the courts may choose to make modifications to the parenting plan in order to change custody and visitation. It may also be necessary for the violating parent to spend time in jail. While this may seem severe, it is necessary to ensure that these parenting plans are complied with.

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