The Three Most Common Accidents On Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July holiday brings about many parties and gatherings. While most of these are simple acts of having fun for the celebrated holiday, there are many injuries that arise during this time that can lead to a personal injury claim being filed. Here are the three most common types of accidents that result in injury during this time of year:

Firework Injuries: 

Firework injuries are obviously one of the most common since fireworks are used heavily for the Fourth of July holiday. There are many types of injuries that can be found, which includes severe burns, injuries to the eye, and hearing loss. If you are going to have fireworks on your property, they should only be used by those equipped to handle them. They also should be kept away from children. If someone is injured by the use of fireworks on your property, it can definitely lead to a personal injury lawsuit against you. 

Pool Injuries: 

The Fourth of July holiday also brings about many pool parties since the weather is warmer this time of year. This means that there are many pool injuries that occur. For this reason, it's important that you take safety measures if you plan on having a pool party at your own home. If you are going to have young children, have a pool fence that will prevent them from being able to get to the pool without an adult. You should also be sure that anyone who can't swim is wearing the right floating devices to prevent injury and definitely enforce a no diving rule. 

Boat Injuries: 

Another common activity for people on Fourth of July is boating. Many people will take their boats out to see fireworks or celebrate with friends and family by having a small party on the boat. If you are going to take people out on your boat, you or whoever is operating the boat should not be drinking. You also need to be sure that there are life vests on board and that those who cannot swim are wearing one at all times. You also want to be sure that you follow the rules of the specific body of water you are in since different lakes and rivers will have different rules set in place. 

Once you know what common accidents occurring during this time of year, you can prevent being involved in one yourself by taking all safety precautions seriously. Contact a personal injury attorneys services if you do suffer an accident.