Why People Make Dangerous Lane Changes

Any motorist that makes an unsafe lane change, for example by changing lanes in an unsafe area, risks causing an accident. In such an accident, the authorities will investigate the cause of the lane change to determine whether the driver was negligent. Here are some of the reasons drivers make unsafe lane changes:

Road Debris

The appearance of road debris may make a motorist swerve out of their lane without indicating their intentions. It can also make a motorist change lanes on a section of the road where changing lanes is illegal. For example, when cargo from a tractor trailer drops on the road, other road users will have to change lanes when they get to that section of the road. Even nonmechanical things on the road, such as oil spills, can lead to unsafe lane change.

Medical Issues

There are two main ways in which medical problems can cause unsafe lane change. First, a sudden medical problem can cause a motorist to lose control of the car and unwittingly swerve onto an adjacent lane. This may be the case, for example, when a driver experiences a heart attack or a bout of convulsions while driving. Secondly, a sudden medical issue may spur a motorist to make an unsafe lane change to seek medical attention or avoid ramming into other vehicles. For example, a driver who realizes they are having convulsions may make a sudden lane change to get out of the path of other vehicles.


Road distractions cause approximately 9 deaths and 1,000 injuries in the United States every day. Typical causes of distractions include driving while texting, eating, using a navigation system or playing with a child. Such distractions can cause you to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel, resulting in an illegal or unsafe lane change.


Lastly, some drivers also make unsafe lane changes because they are too much in a hurry to wait and change lanes safely. Maybe they are late to work, want to make it to a game in time or just want to make their date in time. There are also motorists who are always impatient and are always in a rush even if they don't have any serious deadline.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by unsafe lane change, the authorities will be interested in knowing what caused the lane change in the first place. This will help in determining who is liable and should pay for your damages. Contact a lawyer, like Carl L. Britt, Jr., for more help.