Tips For Getting Married In A Foreign Country

Have you and your foreign spouse decided to get married in his or her country? Although you have the legal right to get married outside of the U.S., the process might not be as smooth as you would like it to be. You must be prepared for whatever obstacles that comes about, such as meeting the requirements of the specific country that the marriage will take place in. For instance, you will likely be required to present several legal documents as evidence before the marriage vows can be conducted. Take a look at the remainder of this article to learn about some of the typical requirements that are involved with getting married to a foreigner in his or her country.

Getting an Apostille for Legal Documents

Although it isn't a requirement for every marriage that takes place in a foreign country, you might need to get an apostille for your legal documents. For instance, it is common for a birth certificate to be presented before getting married in most countries. You might also need to present a legal document that proves you are no longer married to an ex-spouse. An apostille is useful because it n help prove to the officials in foreign countries that the documents are not fraudulent. A apostille is basically like a notarization, only it is done by someone high up in the legal system such as the Secretary of State.

Staying in the Country for a Set Period of Time

Ask your foreign partner about the specific requirements in regards to how long you must be in the country before the marriage can take place. If he or she doesn't no the answer, it is important to find out before planning your trip. The reason why is because there is sometimes a requirement to be in the country for a specific amount of days or weeks before legally getting married. You don't want to take off an insufficient amount of days from work and end up traveling to get married, only to be denied the right to.

Being Prepared to Pay the Appropriate Fees

It is wise to take a sufficient amount of money on the trip for any fees that are associated with getting married in a foreign country. If your partner has never been married before, he or she might not know about the fees. You can call the courthouse or other official in the foreign country to ask about the marriage fees in advance.

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