Part Of A Community Association For Townhomes And Having Problems With A Tenant? Ways An Association Lawyer Can Help You

If you are part of a community association for townhomes and/or condominiums and you have a tenant that is saying they are going to sue the association, you need to hire an attorney now. The type of attorney you need is known as an association attorney who deals with issues like this. Below are two ways this lawyer can help you resolve your case before it goes to court.

Prove You Follow Rules

The first thing an association lawyer will do is to prove that your association has followed all rules set. For example, there are many maintenance obligations you must follow, such as maintain the townhomes' or condos' exteriors, keeping up with amenities, such as clubhouses, pools, etc., and making sure the grounds, roadways, and parking areas are all in good condition. There may be many more obligations you must follow for your townhome association.

You may have paperwork that you keep track of when something is done to ensure everything is taken care of. For example, you may have a spreadsheet set up where an employee inserts a date when they perform a certain task, such as maintaining or cleaning exterior buildings.

Talk With Tenant

The association lawyer will speak with the tenant that wants to sue the association to determine what the problem is. If the tenant claims you are not meeting your maintenance obligations, for example, the attorney will ask the tenant to show them proof of this. For example, the tenant may claim their parking spot is damaged when, in fact, there are no problems with it at all.

If the attorney does find the tenant has a reason to sue the townhome association, they will get all the details needed. The attorney will then bring those details to you and try to conclude. This will help keep the case from going to trial, which would result in you having to pay a large sum of money to your attorneys for fees involved, as well as to the tenant. You and the association attorney can come up with an amount that will hopefully satisfy the tenant.

There are many other ways an association lawyer can help you. It does depend on what you are being sued for. You will have a much better chance of winning your case or paying less money if you hire a lawyer that is experienced in this type of law.