Help Wanted: How To Help Your Personal Injury Case Succeed

When another driver has caused you to be hurt, out of work, and without transportation, you might need to take legal action. While expecting the insurance company to pay you what you deserve is a common accident victim misconception, you may encounter surprising success after speaking to a lawyer about your case. Being hurt in an accident can make victims feel powerless but participating in your legal case could not only make you feel better but result in more success. Read on to find out how accident victims can create the perfect legal storm by helping their lawyers prove the case.

Provide Your Attorney With Timely and Complete Information

Every moment your lawyer spends advancing a strategy for dealing with your case rather than gathering information will mean a quicker outcome. Rather than cause a delay, gather important information before you go to your first lawyer meeting. That first meeting is when your lawyer evaluates your case to let you know whether or not it's worth pursuing. To help get things off to a running start, bring the following with you:

  • The accident/police report.
  • The other driver's insurance and contact info (can often be found on the accident/police report).
  • Your medical treatment, so far. Include not just what was done but any billing statements as well. The dollar amount spent on your treatment makes a huge impact on your case, even if your medical needs were entirely covered by insurance.
  • Time lost from work along with salary information.
  • Any information about witnesses, cell phone or video recordings, and photographs of the scene and of your injuries.

Be Honest and Forthright

You can make or break a personal injury case by not telling your attorney everything you know about the wreck and your personal history. Attorneys are bound by client-attorney confidentiality to not reveal your communications under any circumstances. Withholding information could create untold issues. For example, when the other side finds out that you were convicted of driving under the influence and were involved in a previous accident, it could make your entire case crash and burn. If you let them know about the issue ahead of time, your attorney will be prepared to counter things in a more timely and efficient manner.

Let Your Attorney Do the Talking

Even if the other side is trying to make a deal with you, leave things up to your attorney. Speaking about the accident to an insurance adjuster could lead you to jettison your chances. You might say the wrong thing or accidentally take fault for the accident and there is no need to speak to them at all. At the same time, avoid posting about your accident on social media. Nothing is private when money is involved and insurers do everything possible to avoid having to pay claims.

To find out what you can do to help your case, speak to your personal injury attorney right away.