Will You Need Divorce Representation?

Navigating the American system of divorce law is not always a simple task. On the other hand, hiring a divorce attorney may be expensive. You're probably wondering whether divorce representation is worth the cost, especially in situations where the no-fault system precludes a lot of possible outcomes. Let's take a look at why you may want to retain the services of a divorce representative.

Simple Divorces Aren't Usually Expensive

The first discussion you should have with a divorce attorney is about just how complex your situation might be. Is your ex inclined to put up a fight? Do you live in a state that uses no-fault divorce law? Are there child custody and support issues involved?

For the simplest of cases, it's not uncommon for a divorce lawyer to offer a flat fee to just file everything after both sides have signed off. Even if it's not quite that simple, you might still be able to keep the billable hours low by using standard forms.

Divorce Representation Is an Investment

Getting a divorce right is important. You don't want to be stuck in a situation where, for example, the allocation of the debts left over from the marriage leaves you in a lurch. Printing off a few basic forms from the internet without understanding the implications is a bad idea during any legal proceeding. Even if your case seems super simple, it's best to have a divorce attorney produce the documents and go over the details with you in person.

Things Can Get Ugly

Even in states where no-fault divorce is meant to streamline the process, one party can inflict a lot of pain while accomplishing nothing. For example, many states have cooling-off periods that range from a couple of months to close to two years. Likewise, fights over assets can make things tough. And that's all before you even get to questions about kids and custody.

Never be afraid to use a divorce lawyer as a line of defense in an ugly case. If your ex is intent on making it into a fight, you have every right to just give them your divorce attorney's phone number. Your lawyer can represent you and ensure your rights are protected as much as possible.

It Is a Lawsuit

All the talk about paperwork minimizes the fact that every divorce is a lawsuit. Consequently, you should treat even a simple divorce as seriously as any other type of litigation.

To learn more, contact a lawyer for divorce representation.