Critical Infractions To Tackle With Employment Law Representation

Businesses must follow strict state and federal laws that ensure the proper treatment of their employees. When you suspect that you have been untreated unfairly and possibly even illegally, you need to find out what rights you have under the current employment laws. Rather than research and represent your case alone, you can hire professional employment legal representation to assist you. These infractions are some that experienced employment law representation can handle for clients like you.

Unlawful Termination

Employers are prohibited from firing employees for certain reasons. For example, you cannot be fired based on your gender or race. You also cannot be fired because you are pregnant, getting divorced, or because of your sexual orientation. If your employer has fired you for any of these and other prohibited reasons, you can file an unlawful termination case. Your employment representation can file a case to take to court and show the judge that you were fired for reasons that are not allowed under the state or federal government's current employment laws.

Sexual Harassment

Employees are also entitled to work without experiencing sexual harassment from their bosses, coworkers, and customers. If you are the victim of this crime, you have reason to file a case against your employer for not protecting you from sexual harassment. Your representative can gather evidence like eyewitness statements and surveillance video to show that you were the victim of this offense. Your law representative can also pursue legal remedies like having the offender fired or filing a lawsuit in court to seek punitive damages for your pain and suffering.

Whistleblower Protection

Finally, you can hire employment legal representation to provide you with protection as a whistleblower. If you are testifying in a case against your employer or providing discreet, inside information about infractions occurring within the company, you can hire a lawyer to shield you from being discovered or punished. By law, your employer cannot fire or reveal you as a whistleblower. If you are fired or endure what you perceive to be unlawful ramifications at work, you can hire a lawyer to investigate the circumstances and represent you in legal proceedings if necessary.

These legal matters are some that employment legal representation can assist you with as an employee. Your representative can handle cases involving unlawful termination and sexual harassment. It can also provide you with critical whistleblower protections.

For more information about employment law representation, contact a local law office.