2 Occasions When Hiring A Criminal Defense Law Attorney Is Paramount

A criminal defense law attorney is a lawyer who represents people accused of committing crimes, usually outside of the state courts. Their jobs require them to build strong cases for their clients while also defending the legal rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. They have a unique responsibility to ensure that their clients receive a fair trial and work relentlessly to get the best possible outcome for their cases.

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Law Attorney?

Most crimes that require defense lawyers are fairly serious, violent felonies like assault, rape, and even murder. However, no matter what the charge is, it is crucial to have a criminal defense law attorney on your side if you want the best chance of a fair trial.

Here are two main occasions when you should strongly consider hiring one:

When You Are Arrested

If you are arrested, whether you are guilty or not, the police will take you to a detention center where you will be booked and have your photograph and fingerprints taken. This is the time when you have to be most vigilant because your constitutional rights are at their most vulnerable.

The police may try to get you to confess or admit to a crime, and having a lawyer can protect your rights as an arrested person and help ensure that any statement you make is not used against you in court. You do not have to incriminate yourself, answer any questions, or say anything that might lead to criminal charges against you.

Also, an arrest can lead to you being detained for several hours or even days, and having any sort of legal representation will be an advantage.

When You're Guilty and Want to Explore Plea Options

If you are guilty of a crime, it is essential to get legal help. A lawyer can help you understand your rights, the charges against you, and the possible penalties. They can also help protect your rights during the criminal justice process.

A good criminal defense law attorney will work to get the best possible outcome for your case. This may mean negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecutor, or they can try to get your charges reduced or dismissed. If you are convicted, an attorney can also help you understand your sentence and advocate for leniency.

The Takeaway

When you're charged with any crime, you might be feeling scared and alone, and you may not know where to turn. Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people are arrested every year in the United States, and many of them hire criminal defense law attorneys to protect their rights and fight the charges against them. Contact a local criminal defense attorney to learn more.