Everything You Need To Know About Filing For An Uncontested Divorce

Marriage can sometimes turn sour, prompting separation and divorce. However, people can agree on an amicable way to separate. Reaching a peaceful resolution can make the separation easier. If you and your partner have agreed to part ways, a family lawyer can help with an uncontested divorce. Here is everything you should know about an uncontested divorce.

Understanding the Uncontested Divorce

If a couple decides to end their marriage and plan to share everything, then that is an uncontested divorce. A couple must agree on sharing custody for the children, parenting, and property sharing. They should also share their debt and agree on spousal support. If a couple can amicably agree on the above parameters, there is no need for a court hearing. They only have to sign papers of the divorce settlement agreement. 

The Role of the Family Court

A couple that has been married for a short while with no assets together or underage children often get an uncontested divorce. They can end the marriage without the need or help of an attorney. Such processes are quick and cheap. However, once you file for divorce, the judge reviews the papers. When the judge ascertains that every party is on board with the agreement, they approve it. If one party seems oppressed, the judge can decline the request. There is a set timeline for the divorce after approval. While you may think uncontested divorces are quick and final, some can get messy. A family lawyer can prevent escalating an issue by giving guidance. 

The Role of the Family Lawyer in the Proceedings

You can opt to have or not to have an attorney for the uncontested divorce. However, the presence of a lawyer can make the process easier and ensure that everything is in order. They can also clear any issues with the settlement where there are minors and large properties involved. A mediator is necessary if both parties cannot agree on custody or property issues. An actuary can help settle if you have joint retirement benefits through work. While it all seems easy, an attorney helps with paperwork and legal advice. If one party uses an attorney, they can disadvantage the other. Both parties need to have attorneys or hire someone to prepare legal documents.

Reach out to a family law firm for help with your divorce. They will guide you to a simple and amicable divorce so you can continue with your life.