Fighting For Your Rights After A Serious Motorcycle Accident

Did you lose your vehicle, a limb, and your quality of life after someone collided with your motorcycle due to negligent driving? Is the other driver trying to place the blame on you and demanding that you pay for his or her injuries? You might know that the other party caused the accident, but he or she has the right to contest your claim and the accident report if it was in your favor.

Motorcycle accidents can be complicated because many people assume that motorcycle riders are negligent, such as by cutting in front and between larger vehicles. Due to the complications involved with your case, you need a lawyer's help to defend yourself and get compensated.

Proving Liability by Performing an Investigation 

Your lawyer will work endlessly to prove that the other party's claim that you caused the accident is false. For example, locating people that witnessed the accident is one of the steps that will be taken to prove your case. Witnesses can usually be located in the area where a collision happened, especially on a street that has a lot of houses or businesses. Creating a scenario of the accident by using diagrams can also be used to demonstrate that it is more likely that the other party caused the accident than you. The accident report will be used in your defense as well, but only if it was written in your favor.

Compiling a List of Your Mental & Physical Injuries

A lawyer working on a personal injury case gets paid more money when he or she wins his client the highest settlement amount possible. The reason is that personal injury lawyers are usually contingency based, meaning they earn a percentage of the settlement money. Your lawyer will think of everything possible regarding how you can be compensated, such as your physical injuries, mental injuries, quality of life, loss of income, and multiple other things.

Not Settling for Less Money Than You Deserve

When a driver is at fault for causing a collision and has auto insurance, a settlement is usually offered to the victim of the incident. However, just because a settlement is offered, it does not mean that you should accept what is being presented. A lawyer is useful in such a situation because he or she will be the one who determines if an insurance settlement is worth accepting or not. If the settlement does not amount to what you deserve, a lawyer will likely recommend taking the dispute to court.

Consult with a motorcycle injury lawyer to learn more.