Are You Unable To Return To Work After A Catastrophic Collision? Here’s What You Need To Know Before Pursuing Compensation

A devastating collision can cause life-threatening injuries that might cause you to spend weeks or months in hospital. Unfortunately, some of these injuries may not heal even after comprehensive and specialized treatment. As a result, you may be unable to return to work, which could cause you to incur huge financial losses. For this reason, you may consider filing a claim to enable you to get financial help. Before doing so, you need to understand the following regarding the compensation process:

You Can Get Payments to Cover Your Current and Future Losses

You are entitled to receive different payments after sustaining a disabling injury in a crash. A significant percentage of your financial settlement should cover your lost wages and the loss of future earnings. You can receive your payments through the insurance company or the court after trial, although pursuing compensation through the insurance provider may be the preferable option. This is because you may get your payments within a shorter time than you would, filing a court case.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that insurance claims sometimes also take a long time to settle. This is especially likely if insurance representatives dispute liability or claim you are asking for a settlement higher than you deserve. In these instances, a civil lawyer can take the necessary legal steps to fast-track the process and help ensure you get a suitable settlement.

Calculating Your Rightful Compensation Might be Challenging

It might be difficult to calculate your rightful compensation accurately if you don't work with an attorney. Without proper calculations, you risk losing out on some of your lawful payments, which might affect your ability to access treatment and rehabilitation services. Therefore, it is essential that you engage legal help when pursuing payments for lost wages and future earning potential. Your attorney may enlist the services of experts to calculate the actual losses related to your injuries. 

As part of this process, these experts calculate your settlement accounting for the advancements you could have made in your career and the possible salary increments you would have gotten over the years. The formula helps ensure that you get a payment covering all your wage losses. Your legal advisor may also get other expert witnesses to testify for you in court. These may include a doctor explaining the extent of your disability and the activities you may not be able to perform because of your injuries.

An injury that makes it challenging to return to work after a collision can seriously impact your life. In addition to medical expenses, one of the most severe is losing wages and the ability to work, making it difficult to support your family. If this happens, a civil litigation attorney can help you get compensated so that you can foot your bills and provide for your family.