How Can A Real Estate Tax Attorney Protect You Against Excessive Taxation?

Do you feel your property taxes are excessive? As a commercial property owner, you understand that taxes are necessary for doing business. However, it's not uncommon for taxpayers to be slapped with excessive tax claims. This is where a real estate tax attorney can help. They can provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need to ensure you're not paying more in taxes than you have to. Here are several ways a real estate tax attorney can protect you against excessive taxation.

1. They Can Help You Determine If Your Property Is Properly Classified

When it comes to real estate taxation, there are different ways classifications of property can be taxed. These include commercial, industrial, personal, and residential property. Each classification has its own tax rate based on the property's value.

A real estate tax attorney can help you determine if your property is properly classified; if not, they can help you file an appeal. They can also help you reduce your tax liability by negotiating with the tax authorities on your behalf.

2. They Can Help You Appeal Your Assessment

A real estate tax attorney can help you file an appeal if you think your property has been unfairly assessed. They will review your assessment and, if they believe it to be excessive, will work with the assessor to reduce it. In some cases, they may even be able to get your taxes completely forgiven.

3. They Can Negotiate with the Tax Assessor

If you cannot reach an agreement with the assessor on your own, a real estate tax attorney can step in and negotiate on your behalf. They will work to try to reach a fair and equitable assessment that both parties can agree on.

4. They Can Help You Apply for Any Available Tax Breaks or Exemptions

Commercial property owners can take advantage of the different tax breaks and exemptions. A real estate tax attorney will be familiar with all the available options and can help you apply for any that you may be eligible for. This can help to reduce your overall tax liability significantly.

5. They Can Counsel You on the Best Way to Structure Your Property Ownership

The way you structure your property ownership can have a big impact on your overall tax liability. A real estate tax attorney can advise you on how to structure your ownership to minimize your taxes.

If you're a commercial property owner who feels you're being taxed excessively, it may be time to seek legal assistance. Contact a real estate tax attorney to protect your property against excessive tax claims.