Three Tactics An Insurance Adjuster May Use Against You After Your Motorcycle Accident

There are a variety of ways that an insurance adjuster will deny your claim or reduce the amount of your claim. Most of these are basic strategies to keep settlements to a minimum, including denying the claim. This is why you always need an attorney who understands motorcycle accidents. They can fight these tactics. The following is just a sampling of what an adjuster may use when you don't have an attorney.

They will claim the accident was your fault

Although this is a basic strategy used on car drivers, it takes on greater significance with motorcycle riders because the insurance companies know the rules of the road, perhaps better than you do. They may claim you were at fault in the accident due to something that has nothing to do with traffic laws, but they imply that it does. And if you are a new biker, they may attempt to convince you that it was your inexperience that caused the traffic accident. They may even throw statistics at you, showing how most accidents are caused by the motorcycle rider, but an experienced motorcycle attorney can keep the issue focused on the accident you were in and not all the motorcycle accidents that have occurred in past years.

They will offer you far less than you're entitled to

Again, this is a basic strategy, but because the injuries are often more severe to motorcyclists with longer recovery times, more money is needed for rehabilitation. Even a typical personal injury attorney that usually works with car accidents may not appreciate the long-term medical bills that a biker will have after an accident. It is an attorney with motorcycle accident experience that will get you the money you're entitled to after an accident.

They will attempt to dissuade you from hiring an attorney

They will usually have an offer on the table, but if you're hesitant, and indicate you might speak to an attorney, they will explain to you that an attorney may get you a little bit more money, but after they take a percentage of the settlement, you will end up with less money than they're offering you. And it will only be worse if the case goes to trial. Juries will usually side with the car driver and against a motorcycle rider, so you could end up with nothing. Of course, none of this will be true, but if you find yourself in this situation, sign nothing and contact a motorcycle attorney immediately.

You are likely no match for an experienced insurance claims adjuster. They are not working in your best interest. You need to hire an attorney from the beginning and make sure the lawyer has experience with motorcycle accidents. This type of lawyer will understand the nature of motorcycle accidents, and they can defend you against all of an adjuster's tactics. Reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney near you to learn more.