Differences Between Medical Malpractice Lawyers And Healthcare Attorneys

In law, there are many different practices and sub-practices. For example, medical law is subdivided into medical malpractice and healthcare law. You might think that these two fields are not mutually exclusive, but they are. There are distinct differences that determine which type of lawyer you hire and when. It helps to know these differences so that you are able to hire the correct lawyer for your particular health or medical problem.

Healthcare Attorneys

For the most part, healthcare attorneys provide legal services to nursing homes and medical facilities. The services typically include writing contracts and legally binding documents and avoiding complications with healthcare lawsuits. However, healthcare attorneys also provide services to individuals.

These services for individuals include suing a facility for refusal of healthcare services, and patient discrimination cases. Individuals may also engage the services of a healthcare attorney if they need to resolve issues with health insurance providers and/or resolve issues with payments for services rendered. These services address healthcare, health insurance, and problems related to this side of medical law.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice lawyers may defend the doctors, nurses, hospitals, or medical facilities accused of malpractice, or they may help individuals sue these parties. In every single medical malpractice suit, someone was hurt in a medical facility or by a medical professional and is seeking compensation from those being sued. Rarely are these lawsuits about anything other than a hurt party and those charged with hurting them.

That is very different from what healthcare attorneys do. In short, if you are hurt, maimed, or you nearly died, call a malpractice lawyer. If you are refused care or have insurance claim problems, call a healthcare lawyer.

Finding the Correct Lawyer

Finding a medical malpractice lawyer is not difficult. There are plenty of them everywhere. Finding a healthcare attorney will require a little extra work if you do not reside in a major city where it is more likely to find a healthcare lawyer practicing law.

If you cannot find the type of medical lawyer you need where you live, consult with a general law practitioner who has some experience with medical malpractice or healthcare law. Even a general practitioner can be of some assistance if and when you cannot find the right type of lawyer that you need for your particular case. Additionally, a personal injury lawyer can also help you with medical malpractice suits because medical malpractice falls under personal injury law.

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