Is Your Employer Trying To Force You Out With A Severance Package? Hire A Lawyer Fast

If your company is downsizing or trying to get you out of your position, and they are offering you some type of severance package, you don't want to verbally agree to anything or sign paperwork before talking with a lawyer. A lawyer will be one of the most important people when it comes to making sure that you get what you deserve before walking out the door, and so you know that you aren't being mistreated and so you don't have any other complications. Read More 

3 Keys For Handling Your Business’ Legal Needs

Whenever you want to get the most out of your business enterprise, it is crucial that you get a handle on all of your legal circumstances. If you run a business that is continuously expanding, the best thing you can do is hire a business attorney. In addition to hiring a credible lawyer, you'll want to consider a few other strategies that will keep all of your legal matters up to par. Read More 

Handling Your Parent’s Estate After Their Death

If you are an only child who recently experienced the death of your only living parent, and they had property and a home at the time of their passing, handling the distribution of their assets is likely to become your responsibility. There are several steps you will need take after your parent's death to properly get assets allocated to appropriate people. Any bills will also need to be handled properly to ensure extra fees are not incurred. Read More 

The Three Most Common Accidents On Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July holiday brings about many parties and gatherings. While most of these are simple acts of having fun for the celebrated holiday, there are many injuries that arise during this time that can lead to a personal injury claim being filed. Here are the three most common types of accidents that result in injury during this time of year: Firework Injuries:  Firework injuries are obviously one of the most common since fireworks are used heavily for the Fourth of July holiday. Read More 

Dealing With A Bite From A Friend’s Dog? What To Do

Any friendship, even one that has lasted many years, can be strained when someone is injured. When a friend's dog has managed to bite you and you think your friend is to blame, that can cause a deep rift in addition to a possible financial problem for you as your bills and costs mount. If you're considering a lawsuit, the pointers below are smart to follow. See a Physician   Read More