Will You Need Divorce Representation?

Navigating the American system of divorce law is not always a simple task. On the other hand, hiring a divorce attorney may be expensive. You're probably wondering whether divorce representation is worth the cost, especially in situations where the no-fault system precludes a lot of possible outcomes. Let's take a look at why you may want to retain the services of a divorce representative. Simple Divorces Aren't Usually Expensive The first discussion you should have with a divorce attorney is about just how complex your situation might be. Read More 

The Financial Impact of Divorce on Your Credit Score

One question many people wonder what kind of financial impact divorce can have in their lives. While most people think about child support and alimony, they might actually be missing out on a lot of information about their finances. For instance, could your divorce impact your credit score? Many people do not realize how much divorce really can impact their credit, but it's something every divorce attorney wants their client to understand. Read More 

3 Things Clients Should Know About Injury Claims

Before hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your interests, it can be helpful to understand the basics of the process. These three issues are important for clients to understand before they pursue their claims or lawsuits. 1. A Case is Only as Good as the Documentation You can't claim what you can't document. In personal injury law, there is always a core question about what sort of harm occurred in the case and how well it can be documented. Read More 

When Should You Speak With A Tax Attorney?

To the extent most folks can picture tax attorneys, the image is often one based on commercials where lawyers say they'll fight the IRS. In reality, a tax attorney can deal with an array of other issues, too. Let's take a look at what four such situations are where you can benefit from talking with a tax attorney. Starting a Business Many tax implications arise from how a business is organized. Read More 

Why Staying In The US Illigally Is Bad

While you may want to live in the United States, you want to make sure you go about doing so legally. In order for you to have a realistic understanding of the importance of following the proper laws and requirements for remaining in the United States, you want to learn about some of the difficulties you may face if you choose to violate the immigration laws. Deportation – The number one thing that can happen if you decide to stay in the United States illegally is that you can end up being deported. Read More