Seeking A Child Support Modification Order: The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney

A lot can change over the course of time when raising a child. While the original child support order that was put into effect to provide for your child may have been adequate and fair at the time it was ordered, this may no longer be the case. If your child's financial needs have changed or the non-custodial parent's income has changed, it may be necessary to seek a child support modification order to ensure your child is getting the proper amount of support from both of their parents. Read More 

Family Lawyers Help You Protect Your Child During Divorce

If you are facing a divorce, you want the best for yourself and your child. You have a lot to worry about, including your future, your child's wellbeing, and the end of a marital relationship. All of this can become more complicated with time. Are you trying to figure out how to protect your child? These are some steps you can take in the middle of a divorce to ensure you are taking care of your child. Read More 

How a Plane Crash Can Lead to a Wrongful Death Claim

Airplanes are one of the safest modes of travel and are much safer than cars. However, plane crashes do occur and are fatal in a minority of cases. If your loved one has passed away as a result of a plane crash, your right to seek compensation for the loss of your loved one depends on whether your wrongful death attorney can prove that the accident was the result of negligence and which parties are at fault. Read More 

Time To Apply For Long-Term Disability Insurance? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

If you're the sole breadwinner, you need to be concerned about income stability. If you're like most people, you only think about unemployment when considering income stability. But, medical conditions can lead to loss of income stability as well. Unfortunately, if a medical condition isn't caused by an on-the-job event, you could find yourself without any source of income, especially if you haven't done any advanced planning. That's where long-term disability insurance comes into the picture. Read More 

What To Do After A Swimming Pool Injury

Even in the colder seasons of the year, swimming pools can be a major attraction. This is especially the case for children, which is why drowning is such a common cause of death in minors. Swimming pools can be dangerous, especially among people who do not realize their dangers. This includes children. If you or somebody close to you has been injured in a swimming pool accident, you are right to have concerns. Read More