Myths About Estate Planning

Going through the process of making a final will and estate plan can be something that people will commonly delay for as long as possible. While it is not pleasant to think about your own mortality, being prepared for this inevitability is essential for minimizing the stress and trauma that can accompany the financial and legal ramifications of your death. Myth: It Is Easy For Individuals To Ignore Your Will And Estate Plan Read More 

How Your Actions Can Diminish Your Dog Bite Claim

Just because you have a valid dog bite claim, it doesn't mean that you will automatically be compensated for all your damages. For example, your damages may be reduced if you were involved in the following situations.  You Provoked the Dog Provocation is one of the most common and effective defenses to dog bites. In fact, you may lose your case altogether if the defendant succeeds in proving that the dog wouldn't have attacked you without your provocation. Read More 

Child Support Emergency: You’ve Lost Your Job And Can’t Pay, Now What?

Paying child support is a serious matter, but sometimes life can throw you a curve ball that suddenly throws your financial world upside down, making it impossible to pay. Although you need to get your life back together in a hurry, you shouldn't allow yourself to panic or crawl down a rabbit hole to avoid the impending repercussions of your unemployment. Take a few deep breaths, keep calm, and deal with the situation at hand: Read More 

Judge On Trial: How These Officials Select Criminal Lawyers

Judges rarely are on trial for criminal acts. This is because they stand to lose everything; their careers, their pensions, their salaries, and even their lifestyles. Yet, if you see a judge on trial, you might be wondering how he or she manages to select a criminal lawyer to defend him/her. After all, there is a high chance that a judge knows most of the criminal lawyers in his/her jurisdiction. Here is how a lawyer selection for such a case typically goes. Read More 

Situations That Require The Help Of A Securities Attorney

Everyone that buys or trades stocks, bonds, or mutual funds understands they may lose some or all of the money they invest. However, that doesn't mean they should always accept the loss as something that could not have been avoided. Unfortunately, sometimes the loss was due to an unscrupulous act by a broker, financial advisor, corporation, or a private investor. While you shouldn't hire a securities lawyer to look for fraud anytime you lose some money, here are a few times investment problems that should be investigated further. Read More