The Story You Must Tell When Fighting DUI Charges

If you have been charged with a DUI, you might think the fact that you're innocent will help you with your DUI case. But what matters with a DUI is whether or not you can tell a convincing story of what happened and not whether you are guilty or innocent. A DUI attorney will be able to help you explain what happened and present evidence that proves that you are innocent. Read More 

Reasons Why People Lose Personal Injury Cases

The aim of any personal injury claim is to win fair compensation. However, some victims of accidents or incidents aren't satisfied by the ruling of their cases. Here are some reasons victims lose personal injury cases. Misrepresentation of Facts One of the biggest mistakes you could make in a personal injury lawsuit is to twist facts to favor your case. You must have evidence to support your claims. Your lawsuit may be dismissed when you misrepresent facts to increase your settlement. Read More 

What Are The Legal Implications Of Licensing Your Art?

Licensing is oftentimes one of the better pathways to profitability for artists. If you can establish a work well enough to attract licensing offers, it can generate a significant revenue stream. With that success, however, also come the legal implications of licensing art. An art attorney will want clients to be aware of these five licensing concerns. Ownership The point of licensing your work is to ensure that you retain ownership. Read More 

How Can A Real Estate Tax Attorney Protect You Against Excessive Taxation?

Do you feel your property taxes are excessive? As a commercial property owner, you understand that taxes are necessary for doing business. However, it's not uncommon for taxpayers to be slapped with excessive tax claims. This is where a real estate tax attorney can help. They can provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need to ensure you're not paying more in taxes than you have to. Here are several ways a real estate tax attorney can protect you against excessive taxation. Read More 

Is Your Spouse A Cheater And You Want To Leave? Find A Lawyer And Cut Free Today

If you have recently discovered that your spouse is cheating and you want to get divorced, be sure that you have the right divorce strategy. Collecting evidence of the affair will be helpful, but there are other things that you will want to do when you meet with the divorce lawyer. A divorce attorney will prep your case, so when you are ready to file the paperwork, you have a plan in action. Read More