3 Helpful Tips To Remember When Choosing A Law Firm

There may come a point in time when you run into a legal dilemma, and it may warrant help from a law firm. There are many options today, but you can make the right selection by keeping these tips in mind.  Assess Track Record If your legal situation ends up taking you to court, then you want to be confident that you can win. This will depend on how effective the law firm is at winning the types of cases that you're currently dealing with. Read More 

Part Of A Community Association For Townhomes And Having Problems With A Tenant? Ways An Association Lawyer Can Help You

If you are part of a community association for townhomes and/or condominiums and you have a tenant that is saying they are going to sue the association, you need to hire an attorney now. The type of attorney you need is known as an association attorney who deals with issues like this. Below are two ways this lawyer can help you resolve your case before it goes to court. Prove You Follow Rules Read More 

Three Reasons for Requesting Third-Party Protective Order Service

Getting a protective order (PO) provides some feeling of security and safety when the person you are filing it against is likely to be very dangerous or seek you out to harm you. However, you should not be the one to serve this order yourself. You could, but you definitely should not. Here are three reasons for requesting that a third party serve this order to the other person.  If You Really Believe That He or She Will React Violently, You Do Not Want to Be Present Read More 

How Employers Trick Employees Into Working Overtime Without Paying Them Properly

Most employers are above-board and pay their employees fairly -- but there are still plenty of employers out there who won't hesitate to skim wages off an employee's paycheck if they can do it without getting caught. The most common way that happens is when an employer figures out a way to cheat his or her employees out of overtime. With very few exceptions, employees who work more than 40 hours in a week are legally due overtime pay. Read More 

What An Age Discrimination Case Looks Like

The nagging suspicion that your age has played a role in your treatment at work can be difficult to cope with. If you're wondering whether you have a case worth taking to a firm that provides age discrimination law services, here's what you need to consider. Company Size and Profile Under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, two classes of businesses are subject to suits. The first class is comprised of companies that employ more than 20 people. Read More