3 Types Of Compensation Passenger Injury Victims Can Seek After A Car Accident

Most individuals who enter a vehicle as a passenger do not expect to get involved in a car accident. They likely trust the drivers who they choose to get into a car with. However, they may not consider how other drivers may be negligent and cause accidents. Sometimes passengers are injured by a loved one's irresponsible driving actions. These accidents may occur due to behaviors such as speeding or the driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Read More 

3 Types Of Medical Treatments Auto Accident Victims Can Get Compensated For Under Auto Accident Law

There are a variety of injuries that can be sustained from car accidents. Some individuals do not understand that they may have hidden injuries. They may delay initial treatment such as going to an emergency room. This is an important step for individuals who may want to be compensated later. There are injuries that may require medical treatment a long time after an accident occurs. This is why victims need to be proactive and seek medical attention even if they do not feel any pain. Read More 

Three Tactics An Insurance Adjuster May Use Against You After Your Motorcycle Accident

There are a variety of ways that an insurance adjuster will deny your claim or reduce the amount of your claim. Most of these are basic strategies to keep settlements to a minimum, including denying the claim. This is why you always need an attorney who understands motorcycle accidents. They can fight these tactics. The following is just a sampling of what an adjuster may use when you don't have an attorney. Read More 

The Story You Must Tell When Fighting DUI Charges

If you have been charged with a DUI, you might think the fact that you're innocent will help you with your DUI case. But what matters with a DUI is whether or not you can tell a convincing story of what happened and not whether you are guilty or innocent. A DUI attorney will be able to help you explain what happened and present evidence that proves that you are innocent. Read More 

Reasons Why People Lose Personal Injury Cases

The aim of any personal injury claim is to win fair compensation. However, some victims of accidents or incidents aren't satisfied by the ruling of their cases. Here are some reasons victims lose personal injury cases. Misrepresentation of Facts One of the biggest mistakes you could make in a personal injury lawsuit is to twist facts to favor your case. You must have evidence to support your claims. Your lawsuit may be dismissed when you misrepresent facts to increase your settlement. Read More