Three Things To Know If You Are Pulled Over For A Suspected DUI

Police officers look for a variety of signs that a driver might be impaired, and it is possible to get pulled over for a suspected DUI even if you aren't driving under the influence. Knowing how to handle the situation properly can help you to remain calm and keep the officer at ease. Here are some things to remember if you are pulled over for a suspected DUI. Pull Over Safely Read More 

What Tenants Need To Know About Family Discrimination When Renting

If you're living in a rental with young children, you may have experienced discrimination from your housing manager or your landlord. It's actually illegal to discriminate based on familial status in the United States, but this does not prevent some landlords from trying to avoid family renters with children because children are an increased liability to the property itself. Here are some common (and illegal) ways that a landlord can discriminate against families: Read More 

How To Choose The Best Family Lawyer During A Divorce

A divorce is almost always rough time for everybody involved, and having to seek out legal counsel often seems like just another burden to bear. Having the right family lawyer by your side during a divorce can make a huge difference in the way the proceedings play out, as well as what the end result looks like. So take a few moments to consider what is most important to you in a divorce attorney, and keep reading for some tips on choosing the best one. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Working With A Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with an injury of any type can be devastating. You may find this situation can be extremely depressing and may cause you a great deal of emotional and physical stress. However, it's possible to work towards receiving compensation for your losses, but this may only be done with the assistance of an attorney. Being aware of some of the advantages of working with a professional of this type may be the motivation you need to hire the right one. Read More 

When Insurance Compensation Is Not Enough

The insurance industry thrives on the possibility of accidents, but not necessarily the accident itself. In other words, it is not in the best interests of an insurance company to pay a victim a fair settlement, and in many cases great efforts are exerted by that insurance company to keep settlements as low as possible. That being said, in many cases you can expect to be compensated in a fair and complete manner for many minor injuries. Read More