Critical Infractions To Tackle With Employment Law Representation

Businesses must follow strict state and federal laws that ensure the proper treatment of their employees. When you suspect that you have been untreated unfairly and possibly even illegally, you need to find out what rights you have under the current employment laws. Rather than research and represent your case alone, you can hire professional employment legal representation to assist you. These infractions are some that experienced employment law representation can handle for clients like you. Read More 

What Does Aviation Law Cover?

Nearly everything that occurs inside an airplane, at an airport, or within an air traffic control system falls under aviation law. Some issues are more likely to require an aviation lawyer than others so let's take a look at 6 of the biggest concerns. Crashes Incidents involving aircraft crashes are almost always under the domain of aviation law. This includes claims against whichever parties are potentially liable for a crash. Such claims may cover things like damage to property on the ground and injuries to people involved in or near the incident. Read More 

Why Bankruptcy Is A Tool And Not Something Terrible

People often treat the idea of bankruptcy as a purely negative thing. It's wise, however, to see it as an important financial tool that can help you get control of a situation that might otherwise leave you buried in debt. Let's look at how bankruptcy attorneys use the process as a tool to help their clients. A Court-Order Stay When you submit your petition for bankruptcy relief, the judge will enter an automatic stay into the record. Read More 

3 Questions About Going Through A Divorce With Children

Do you have children and are planning to get a divorce? This can bring up a variety of questions that you need to know the answer to. Here are a few of those common questions about children. What Are The Different Custody Classifications? There are two types of custody that will need to be decided on during a divorce, which is legal and physical custody. Legal custody is who will be making the decisions about a child while they are underage. Read More 

Will You Need Divorce Representation?

Navigating the American system of divorce law is not always a simple task. On the other hand, hiring a divorce attorney may be expensive. You're probably wondering whether divorce representation is worth the cost, especially in situations where the no-fault system precludes a lot of possible outcomes. Let's take a look at why you may want to retain the services of a divorce representative. Simple Divorces Aren't Usually Expensive The first discussion you should have with a divorce attorney is about just how complex your situation might be. Read More