What An Age Discrimination Case Looks Like

The nagging suspicion that your age has played a role in your treatment at work can be difficult to cope with. If you're wondering whether you have a case worth taking to a firm that provides age discrimination law services, here's what you need to consider. Company Size and Profile Under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, two classes of businesses are subject to suits. The first class is comprised of companies that employ more than 20 people. Read More 

Disability Insurance Claim Denied? Common Reasons Why And What You Can Do About It

There are many reasons why a claim reviewer will deny a disability insurance claim, three of which are listed below. You will also find information below about what you can do if your claim is denied so that you can get the money that you need. Reasons Disability Insurance Claims Are Denied Some common reasons why these insurance claims are denied include: 1. Not Disabled Due To Occupation One of the first things a claim reviewer will do is to determine if your disability claim is due to your occupation. Read More 

Understanding Social Security Medical Vocational Allowances

When an illness puts you out of work, you will need financial help. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has several programs for people unable to work, and those who have a good past history of working may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Not all medical and mental conditions are recognized by the SSA for coverage, however. Read on to find out how the SSA handles cases where the disability determination goes through an additional step. Read More 

Tips For Getting Married In A Foreign Country

Have you and your foreign spouse decided to get married in his or her country? Although you have the legal right to get married outside of the U.S., the process might not be as smooth as you would like it to be. You must be prepared for whatever obstacles that comes about, such as meeting the requirements of the specific country that the marriage will take place in. For instance, you will likely be required to present several legal documents as evidence before the marriage vows can be conducted. Read More 

Try To Avoid Feelings Of Attachment In These Areas During A Divorce

In therapy, people often learn that feeling attached to certain outcomes can lead to hardship. You're so focused on one thing that you're devastated if it doesn't occur, and you may also miss other opportunities in this meantime. When you're divorcing, it's easy to feel attached to certain outcomes. The problem with feeling this way, however, is that the proceedings can take twists and turns that you don't expect, leaving you feeling worse than you might otherwise feel. Read More